CSM co-funded the feature film “THE HERITAGE OF LOVE” a romantic drama shot set in World War One St Petersburg Russia and contemporary Paris. Vera and Aleksander fall in love during the last few days of the Tsar’s rule. After a short courtship, the two star-crossed lovers are engulfed by the War, which will separate them. Nearly 100 years later, a new Aleksander is still looking for Vera in the streets of Paris.


Post-production is completed and HERITAGE OF LOVE is being distributed world-wide. For further distribution inquiries, please get in touch with MonteCristo International sales agency at: www.montecristoentertainment.com 

The Heritage of Love


Daughters of the Revolution 

(In Production)

A feature documentary exploring the extraordinary roles of women in a Soviet society and their portrayal as workers, soldiers, scientists, wives, mothers, dancers and cosmonauts, Stakhanovite heroines and circus stars. With hitherto unseen archive footage and images, interspersed with touching stories of everyday life through to the most remarkable careers and achievements, we seize the approaching centenary of the Russian Revolution in 2017 to reveal how this convulsion of female experience, these superwomen, forged a new world.

The film started as a short film trilogy created by Gavanski for the Superwoman exhibition


For more information please visit www.theafilms.com or email info@theafilms.com

“RED DIVISION” (2015) is a short documentary that brings to life the quirky world of British re-enactors who play the part of Soviet soldiers in WW2. The film sympathetically and skilfully exposes the gap between the mundane life of the suburban British re-enactors and the grim horrors of wars that they play.

Created by two producers, Natalia Zubareva and Dmitry Loktionov, this film aims to build bridges between history of WW2, introduce the viewers to the private social club of re-enactors and their passion for retelling war life as it was then. Red Division also aims to underline the issues with history interpretation and the how masses are often dictated to think what’s been taught.

GOLOS is a feature documentary about Ukraine today, which focuses on people’s response to the war across age, place and economic background. The Maidan revolution, where the narrative starts, creates the backdrop as we visit four cities and listen to their inhabitants. By documenting what people celebrate and what national holidays mean to them, the film provides a context for people to communicate their hopes, fears and ambitions. These poignant encounters show a common struggle for peace despite differences of opinion, and the influences and memories that form Ukrainian identity.

For more information please visit: www.golosthemovie.com

After successful festival circuit, Golos is now available for rental on:




Golos: Ukrainian Voices


For more information and projects that CSM is involved at please visit:


Red Division



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